Comming Home!

Comming Home!
Eva looks forward to this day when she goes to the airport to pick her daddy up from his long hitch!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well today was a rough day for me! The events from earlier this week hit me this morning. I was feeling a little better this evening but now that it is bed time and I'm laying here, the hurt is coming back. I feel angry, mad, confused, and even lonely! I'm miss my son, but I'm angry and hurt I also feel betrayed as well!

On a different note......Eva has been taking swim lessons for the last two weeks and today was her last class! She passed her first swim class! She loves to swim and we are very proud of her!

Until next time.........

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  1. Hope everything is staying somewhat calm now. :) Loved lunch last week. Call me anytime to chat or lunch. :)